154302Firms are looking for individuals who accord with the company’s mission and vision and who also have strong communication skills. Those qualities now mean more than the person’s professional aptitude. This alone shows that all work-efficiency processes mainly depend on individual personality rather than capabilities. Whether it’s our boss, colleague, customer or friend, everyone likes to maintain relations with other people with whom they click and feel comfortable. This individual value is even more important than the work itself, because at the end of the day it will determine the quality of the work being done.

While driving, we sometimes notice ourselves driving to point A, when our original intention actually was to drive to point B. We pay attention to all the traffic signs and signals on the road, but where we’re going is not where we first intended to go. In this case we realize that it was our subconscious mind that was driving the car until that moment.

All of our routine behaviors are being automatically ruled by subconscious principles and codes in order to relax our mind and ease its burden, since our mind is already under great stress. Our subconscious mind controls all of our automatic behaviors. And because of the unconscious behaviors it displays, our alter ego is believed to be our “second self” that is somehow distinct from our original and normal personality (Irving B. Weiner, Donald K. Freedheim (2003). Handbook of Psychology).

Now during this struggle of life, can you find any time to recognize your blind spots, which can only be observed by others and which have been governed mostly by your subconscious?