718601daf0ae1947c89f2df58dd6b67cHow can we refute the assertion, “The more we own, the more freedom we have”?

We wake up freer when our quantity of clothes and shoes increases each and every day.

We are also free when we struggle to choose our 185 basic necessities from among those 40,000 products in the supermarket.

When our doctor offers us multiple options for treatment, we are also free to select the less risky one.

During the day, we generally have our laptop on one hand and our smart phone on the other, trying to deal with countless e-mails, phone calls and social media messages.
We seem free, but are we happy? In this world of free choices, are we able to really live in the moment?

Day after day we can watch ourselves turning into someone with more things but less happiness.

I call it “Choice Obesity”, this never-ending obligation to make choices along with the unhappiness that comes from increasing consumption. Considering the similarities in definition and results, don’t you also think that it is as dangerous as obesity?