imagesIYSC5XWHWhen John Cage first released his composition 4’33” in 1952, everyone greeted his work with great surprise. The song consists of four minutes and 33 seconds of silence. After so many years, he can still make people talk with interest about him and his work.

We used to make a first impression by our physical appearance, our dignity or the brands that we own. Now, we mostly provide a first impression by our online profile. And our online impression does not only depend on our personal info; it also depends on the type of information that we share or that’s been shared about us by others. Our reputation is no longer measured only by our social status, the car we drive or the mobile phone we use; now it’s measured by the status updates we share, the profile pictures we display or the places where we check in.

Now it is possible to reach almost everyone and everything from Google. Online shopping has started to replace regular shopping habits. The success of a store is not measured only by its physical appearance but also by the online reviews and ratings it receives. As individuals we also have to consider our consistency and trustworthiness in social media and in Google searches. Our online profile now plays a major role in determining which doors will be opened for us, making it almost more important than our actual profile by the fact that it creates or axes the opportunity to move to the next level of communication.

As with Cage’s work, we don’t need to like or appreciate these changes in communication, but we surely have to understand them.