untitledHave you ever written down your weaknesses and strengths?

If not, take a few minutes and write down your weaknesses and strengths on a piece of paper. I strongly suggest that you write down your weaknesses, because it’s easier for our brain to categorize, retain and memorize visual information. Ask a close friend or relative to help you discover your blind spots, those behaviors that you are blind to but others can see. Blind spots can include losing your temper easily, experiencing social phobia, being perfectionistic and being impatient. Be honest with yourself, and do this for your own good. Then, during conversations, try to recall your weaknesses and your strengths so you can consciously take control of your behaviors.

After any situation where your emotions have taken control of your behaviors, try to remember the responses of your body 15 to 20 seconds before your emotional peaks. Next time when your emotions begin to come to the surface, take deep breaths and smile. Try to control your emotions by recalling your weaknesses and the consequences of your previous actions. And try focusing on logical solutions instead of rushed actions. Don’t expect sudden changes; keep working on this and try to improve yourself gradually.

For example, when you feel jealousy taking over and feel that your emotion is starting to dominate your behaviors, try to interject your logic. The picture that’s taking shape in your head may be much different from the reality. Doubt and concern cause anger, and anger pulls you away from reality. In such situations, the best thing that you can do is to start a conversation and to give feedback, highlighting the points that are upsetting you. Also try to increase your confidence by recalling your strengths (which you have previously written down).